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One air flight again will be operated in Denpasar. Great news is Pacific Blue has announced that will be launching service to Denpasar Bali. This service will starting at the end of November 2008. The schedules of this flight has been loaded to GDS on 02 October 2008.

In this launching service it will be take route : Full story...


Sit On Top Kayaks For Recreation And Sport

Sit On Top Kayaks For Recreation And Sport Summary :
A sit on top traditionally floats very low and flat in the water and one draw back is they do not have much cargo room to store your kayak accessories unless this has been cut into the boat itself.

Sit On Top Kayaks For Recreation And Sport by Vicki Churchill

Since around the 1970s when rolomoulded kayaks were first developed kayaks can now be made to suit just about any tastes or requirement. Sit on top kayaks are possibly the most fashionable today with more people than ever buying them for their all round value and versatility.

More popular than ever is the sport of kayak fishing and sit on top kayaks have had a major influence in this pursuit. These boats are the perfect way to go kayak fishing due to the fact that sit on top kayaks are wide and very stable in the water. It is possible to choose a standing position when kayak fishing especially if an outrigger has been fitted. Furthermore, due to the width of these kayaks should you be unfortunate and fall in making a wet re entry should not be too difficult.

A sit on top traditionally floats very low and flat in the water and one draw back is they do not have much cargo room to store your kayak accessories unless this has been cut into the boat itself. Generally most sit on top kayaks would have a hole in the hull to allow for a fishing rod to be placed in. The majority of sit on top kayaks do however allow for bungee cords to be rigged allowing you to store your fishing tackle and other kayak accessories.

Together with Kayak fishing the sit on top has another significant use and that is for out and out fun! They make fantastic surfing kayaks and they are ideal for children as they are relatively easy to paddle and steady enough for novice kayakers.

If you invest in a sit on top kayak and take it down to the beach with you on a family beach day you will find it will amuse the kids for hours on end as they can play safely in the waves and also use it as a diving platform. Obviously, children especially around water will still require adult supervision.

Sit on top kayaks can be used by one or two paddlers and come in a variety of vivid and fun colors and also camouflaged if used for kayak fishing. Many sit on top kayaks do not have fitted kayak seats but do have the provisions to allow kayak seats to be fitted. You can also fit thigh straps which when used give greater manoeuvrability to the paddler allowing for sharp turns to be made when paddling and surfing.

If it is kayak fishing you are looking to do enabling you to get to places you would otherwise not be able to fish or simply a kayak for recreational purposes sit on top kayaks make an affordable and ideal purchase.

Vicki Churchill writes for a site that specializes in Inflatable Kayak Accessories Inflatable Kayaks. And excellent guides to Sit On Top Kayaks

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(RecreationS) Folding Baja II Lounge For Pool-Aquamarine

(RecreationS) Folding Baja II Lounge For Pool-Aquamarine - Steel reinforced arms headrest beverage cups. Easily adjusts between 2 positions: folded and sitting. Seat 21 inch Lunge 34 inch x 63 inch.

Folds down for easy storage unfolds for seated comfort. . Made with easy to clean vinyl coated foam with full metal frame. . 1 year manufacturer warranty



(RecreationsSports) Adjustable Swimming Pool Recliner Float Lounge Aquamarine

(RecreationsSports) Adjustable Swimming Pool Recliner Float Lounge Aquamarine - Now available in several color choices:white, blue, bronze, aquamarine, coral.

Images are samples only and do not represent every specific color or the color offered in this lising. Please see title for exact color offered in this lising.


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Recreations - Ultra Sunsation glossy vinyl pool float mat raft 3" AQUAMARINE

Recreations - Ultra Sunsation glossy vinyl pool float mat raft 3" AQUAMARINE - Picture is for informational purposes only. May not show color of float listed. This is for AQUAMARINE



How To Skyrocket Your Chances Of Winning The Lottery...

Recreation and Sport
If you’re like me then you probably enjoy playing the lottery but are still waiting for the ‘big win’. You may even be disappointed you don’t seem to get very many of those ‘little wins’ either.

I used to be one of those disappointed every week too…

Although everyone knows that the chances of winning the jackpot are astronomically high - many thousands of people still win smaller (and not so small) prizes on games like the UK National Lottery every week. I just didn’t seem to be one of them.

That was until I started discovering some of the secrets a few select people in the know are using every week to -

a) massively increase their chances of winning the jackpot and
b) win smaller prizes on a more regular basis

So, just what are these secrets? I’m glad you asked…

One of the easiest ways of increasing your chances of winning is to simply play more times… “Duh, obviously!” I hear you say, “But that means I have to spend more money… and the whole point is to win it, not spend it!”

Well you’re correct, but did I say anything about paying to play more?

I simply said… to increase your chances of winning… play more times. There are ways of playing multiple times at the fraction of the normal cost… there are even ways you can play entirely for free!

How? Here’s the secret…

To play multiple times for the fraction of the normal cost you need to be part of a well organised lottery syndicate.

Now I’ve heard all the horror stories about lottery syndicates winning and someone running off with the winnings… or one time friends fighting each other through the courts…

Notice, however, I referred to being part of a well organised lottery syndicate. A well organised lottery syndicate that uses a proven mathematical formula… a formula that lets you win more with the same numbers than you would had you played alone... even on lotteries as highly regarded as the UK National Lottery.

I know what you’re thinking – “How can that be? If you have to share your winnings as part of a lottery syndicate how can you win more with the same numbers?”

It’s a good question, let me explain…

As part of a lottery syndicate you can combine your spending power and play smart. This applies to any lottery but for the time being let’s use the UK National Lottery as an example…

To play the UK National Lottery you choose six numbers from between 1 and 49. Now let’s say that you are part of a lottery syndicate with 49 other people. Every week the lottery syndicate has the same five numbers and uses its spending power to buy 44 tickets.

Why 44? Another good question…

If you need to choose six numbers per entry (and you already have five numbers) then all you need to do is buy 44 tickets using the 44 numbers you don’t already have as your sixth number.

The brilliance behind this approach is you are always guaranteed to have at least one ball every draw – which means, in the case of the UK National Lottery, you only need to match two of your lottery syndicate’s numbers to win a prize rather than match three if you played alone.

And because of the way the maths works out there will be multiple winning lines within the 44 when you win… which leads to more money to share within the lottery syndicate.

Your winnings as part of the lottery syndicate using this method are actually higher for matching the same numbers than had you played alone. You also have more chances to win more often too…

In fact your chances of winning the UK National Lottery Jackpot are increased by an amazing 702%!

Now can you see what I mean by playing smart and the power of playing the lottery as part of a lottery syndicate?

About the author:
Campbell Forsyth makes it easy for you to win more and win more often playing the lottery (he’ll even show you how to play for free!). To discover how you can play for free from wherever you are in the world visit: http://www.freelottosecrets.info

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Real Estate

National Hockey League And The Stanley Cup

Each team in the NHL plays 82 regular season games, 41 games at home and 41 on the road. Teams used to play all other teams in the league at least once, but this will no longer be the case following implementation of post-lockout changes. Teams will now play 10 interconference (that is, not in their own conference) games throughout the entire season, 1 game against each team in two of the three divisions in the opposite conference. Teams will also play 40 games against non-divisional, conference opponents (4 games against each), and 32 games within their division (8 games against each). Two points are awarded for wins, one point for losing in overtime or a shootout, and zero points for a loss in regulation time. At the end of the regular season, the team that finishes with the most points in each division is crowned the division champion. Each Conference consists of three divisions, so these three division champions and five more teams fill out each Conference's playoff field. In total, 16 teams (3 division champions and 5 additional teams, for a total of 8 from each Conference) qualify for the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

The Stanley Cup Playoffs is an elimination tournament, where two teams battle to win a best-of-seven series in order to advance to the next round. If the score is tied at the end of the third period an overtime period is played. If the score is tied at the end of an overtime period, additional overtime periods are played until a winner is determined. Overtimes are also full periods of twenty minutes (of five-on-five hockey), rather than the five minutes (of four-on-four hockey, followed by a shootout,) in the regular season. The overtime is played with golden goal rule (sudden death) so the game ends as soon as either team scores a goal. The higher-ranked team is said to be the team with the home-ice advantage. Four of the seven games are played at this team's home venue - the first and second, and, where necessary, the fifth and seventh, with the other games played at the lower-ranked team's home venue.

One playoff that was contested in the NHL used the following format: the division winners were seeded one through three, and then the next five teams with the best records in the conference were seeded four through eight. However, the league has yet to announce the playoff format for the 2005-06 season, and with the new scheduling format that emphasises division play, the league is reportedly exploring placing greater emphasis on division standings by taking the top 2 teams in each division, along with the teams with the next two best records for each Conference's playoff field. In the event of a tie in points in the standings, ties are broken first by amount of wins, then by record against the team that is tied (disregarding the first game played at the arena of the team that hosted more games than the other during the season series, if applicable). Next, the tied team with the better positive differential between goals scored for and against is given preference, and in the rare circumstance these tiebreakers are insufficient, the Commissioner has the authority to devise some other means of breaking the tie. The first round of the playoffs, or Conference Quarterfinals, consists of the first seed playing the eighth seed, the second playing the seventh, third playing the sixth, and the fourth playing the fifth. In the Conference Semifinals, the top remaining Conference seed plays against the fourth remaining seed, and the second remaining seed plays the third remaining seed. In the next round, the Conference Finals, the two remaining teams in each conference play each other, with the Conference champions proceeding to the Stanley Cup Finals.

About the author:
Sintilia Miecevole, Host of http://www.hockeyfa.comloves hockey along with all of the fans! Check out this great site that has everything from the Hall of Fame, jerseys, memorabilia, news and games to gear, photos, skates, tournaments and much more. Click on to http://www.hockeyfa.comand enjoy.

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Can A Golf Tip Online Help Your Game

A golf tip online can save you hours out of your schedule, but can it really help your game? With more and more people getting Internet connections, golfers are flocking to the Internet in hopes to find tips, techniques and even total golf performance programs to save their golf game.

There are many concerns with taking a golf tip online and hoping it will be the silver bullet to your game. Always consider the source of this golf tip. If you read an article like this one, or find some resource online, make sure to read the resource box at the bottom of the article.

Usually the article or resource will have a mini-bio of the person who authored the information with a link to either their site or some kind of indepth explanation of who the person is and what their credentials are.

Any golfer no matter what their ability or certifications can post a golf tip online via website, blog or article. On the Internet this is rampant! There are more so-called gurus than ever before. Every golfer probably has some valuable information they have to give, but if they are not qualified to give it, they should probably keep it for their own game.

With the Internet turning into more of a “pay-for-content” vehicle, there are many qualified people who are putting valuable golf tips online, along with reports, ebooks and even complete membership sites like my Golf-Trainer.com site that has been on the net for over 5 years now. Since then, I have seen many imitation sites and products, which is one huge drawback of the web.

Web surfers would never know what reports, ebooks and membership sites are the most credible and original in format and effectiveness. I am always hesitant with reading any golf tip online until I thoroughly look into the person behind the product. How long have they been in their profession? What successes have they helped create? And if you can personally talk to several people who have purchased and benefited from their products?

In researching these products and programs, read all the copy on the site. You will read some pretty amazing stuff that’s hard to swallow. These claims seem impossible when you look at how long they’ve been on the net and how many so-called golfers they’ve helped. Just do some math and you’ll find that these numbers are most likely false.

The bottom line with any golf tip online is if it does in fact help your game. If it does, you will most likely tell other golfing friends about it and the website and business will be successful just from word-of-mouth.

And one last piece of advice. Any person or business giving golf tips online should be reachable. You should easily be able to find their contact information, including phone number. When I answer my phone, people are shocked! I ask them why, and they say they didn’t think there was a “real person” behind it.

That’s a sad situation that shows the skepticism of web visitors. If you have to look hard for the contact information, I would not recommend using or purchasing any golf tips or programs online.

I don’t want to deter you, but just do a little homework when searching for a golf tip online.

About the author:
About The Author: Mike Pedersen is one of the top golf performance experts in the country; Golf Magazine's expert at GolfOnline.com, author and founder of several cutting-edge online golf performance sites. Take a look at his just released golf training dvds and manual at http://www.performbettergolf.com

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Top 5 RC Car Accessories

RC cars are one of the hottest hobbies going but to keep your vehicle in top condition you need to have a stock of standard equipment to maintain your car. There are also great RC car accessories that can add to the experience and get you up and running more easily.

You don’t want to be left on the sidelines because you can’t get your vehicle started or perform a quick maintenance on the spot. Here are the top five accessories every RC enthusiast should check out…

Starter Boxes

Need help starting your engines? Starter boxes can give you the boost needed to break in your new RC vehicle or just make the starting process easier.

The starter box will eliminate the need to pull-start your RC nitro car. Some car models are more difficult than others to pull start and having a starter box removes the problem and gets your vehicle going in no time.

RC Tools

Specialized tools help you keep your vehicle in top form. Some of the recommended additions to your standard tool box are:

Magnetic Balancer: reduce wear and tear on your RC vehicle by ensuring that rotating parts are properly balanced. Ideal for balancing new tires before hitting the road.

Gear Puller: avoid stripping the set screws by using a gear puller.

Temperature Gauge: test the temperature while tuning your engine without risking a burn.

Tool Pouch: keep all your tools handy and organized to make pit stops and tuning an easier task.

Glow Plug Wrench: makes the necessary task of changing glow plugs easier and quicker.

Glow Plugs

You will definitely need spare glow plugs on hand otherwise you may have to cut your driving time short if your glow plugs fail. Even new plugs can be faulty so having a small kit that includes a glow plug igniter, charger, spare glow plugs and a glow plug wrench is a good idea so that you can make a change on the course instead of ending the fun.


If you’re going to drive a nitro car you’re going to need fuel. The fuel used for RC nitro cars is specially designed for optimum performance. Using the fuel recommended in your owner’s manual will provide your vehicle with exactly the right combination of synthetic and castor oils.

To make fueling easier you can select a fuel filler bottle that fits your needs. Several sizes are available and they are equipped with long, angled tips to speed up the refueling process and prevent spills.

Always keep your fuel tightly capped since moisture will quickly be absorbed from the air and ruin the fuel. You might also consider including a fuel cleaner and rags in your stash to clean up any spills and drips.

Air Filter Oil

Treating your nitro car’s air filter with special air filter oil will improve the ability of the filter to keep out dust and dirt while also extending the life of your car’s engine. Over or under oiling the filter will affect the performance and possibly damage the engine. Only use the oil specified for your type of filter since using the wrong oil can disintegrate the filter.

Be sure to let your oiled air filter dry for up to half an hour before installing it to avoid the excess oil from choking the system. Carry pre-oiled filters for changes rather than using a recently oiled filter or dry filter.

These are a few of the recommend RC car accessories you should be sure to keep with you when racing or just playing around with your RC vehicle. You will find many more products that are designed to help you fix or add on to your vehicle by shopping online or at your local hobby shop.

About the author:
Greg Root owns and maintains http://www.rccarssite.comA website that provides basic tips on how to buy, build and race electric and nitro RC cars.

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Are You Combat Fit?

If you are looking to compete in Ju Jutsu Kumite or submission grappling then one of the main factors to consider and improve his fitness. This, in and of itself, is a vast subject.

Now, when I first began to compete, my supplementary training was primarily weight training and long slow distance running. In terms of strength development I scoffed at anything else other than weight training.

However when sparring with friends and training partners, while initially strong, I soon found myself running out of steam. Eventually, I had to admit, my physical training (while providing aesthetic benefits) was not functional for the goals I had.

When I fought in competition in the earlier days I relied too much on strength and this led to technically superior fighters often using this against me. Essentially, due to my supplementary training, I was gifting fighter’s victory over me!

I began to look into other training and fitness methods from old time fighters and wrestlers, along with more contemporary training protocols.

The result?

Out went the longer slow distance style training along with the weight training the way I had been doing it and in came bodyweight exercises along with deep breathing exercises. As I began to train using my own bodyweight more, and using it as a unit and not isolating little muscles here and there, I noticed my strength endurance go up noticeably!

This is vital when training to compete in a competition format. I also developed a better awareness of my breathing that allowed me to loose tension when I gained a decent controlling position against my opponent. Instead of wasting energy in these positions I conserved it while letting my opponent use his energy trying to escape.

I found that working my body in this more holistic fashion allowed me to condense my workouts into quick, brutal, sessions that closer reflected the chaos of a real time fight than did my previous training methods.

When I first began I could barely do fifty body weight squats in a row, but that repetitive use of strength is often what is required in a tournament format. I worked my way up to doing, at one time, five hundred in a row in about fifteen to sixteen minutes (I don’t suggest you do this or that it is necessary, it is just I am an extremist!).

Combining squats, push-ups of different varieties, bridge work, hill sprints (a favourite of collegiate wrestlers in America) and many other exercises done in sequence with little rest in-between all served to really improve my competitive fitness.

Also, due to the nature of the training, using as it does the whole body with a keen focus on the breath, I found that my RHR (resting heart rate) dropped down to the low forties! (A normal adults should be around sixty to eighty).

OK, what lesson can be learnt from my experiences?

Well, first of all, I have to say that such training won’t make you technically better. However, it will often allow you to push your opponent beyond his physical thresholds while you remain within yours.

First, train your Ju Jutsu.

Secondly, add in relevant physical fitness and health training.

Allow this training to reflect the full-bodied activity that fighting actually is.

Don’t make the same mistakes I did!

NOTE: This article is not meant to be a knock on weight training. I teach weight lifting as part of my job. It certainly does have benefits and has helped many people. However, never ignore the power and functional strength you can create using your bodyweight from all angles and positions. The crossover to competing is substantial

About the author:
Tim Webb is a fitness instructor, Ju Jutsu instructor, and competitor. His site www.JuJutsu-Training.comprovides articles, techniques, and recommends products that will supercharge your mental strength and martial technique!

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